Training for healing, strength and community.
Shield Systems developed the Combat Roll Program with the veteran in mind. As a veteran-owned facility, we are passionate about helping combat veterans build physical, mental and emotional strength through a proven fitness program. The Combat Roll Jiu-Jitsu program combines the physical training and mental discipline of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the camaraderie of group classes, providing veteran students with a sense of purpose and support system that many struggle to find after returning from service.
There are roughly 20 million veterans in the United States. Twenty Percent of U.S. veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from PTSD and/or depression. These combat veterans are also at a higher risk for drug abuse and suicide. Our goal is to secure year-long martial arts scholarships for combat veterans in the Knoxville area. At a cost of $1,000 per student, each scholarship provides access to unlimited martial arts and fitness classes. With your support, we can honor these veterans and provide a meaningful service to them.



“Shield Systems’ Jiu-Jitsu isn’t just physical training. It has helped me become mentally disciplined, more centered.” -Tyler Farrington, USMC, veteran of Iraq

“When I came home from combat, my battle was just beginning. I have found a safe place to fight and heal here, and it has helped me integrate back into society.”- Mike Rose, Army, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan